As a whole, I typically enjoy higher intensity workouts and have more of a challenging time truly falling in love with lower intensity yoga-esque style workouts. However, my experience with this class was different – I really enjoyed it. It wasn’t too serious for me, I didn’t feel awkward, the music made it fun, and I liked the variety of Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi. It helped me “let loose” and open up my body.


It might not be an upbeat, cardio-kicker class with tons of hooting and hollering, but you can still have fun and enjoy yourself. So, smile. 🙂 Breathe. You will gain so much more in depth and breathe in every pose and movement if you relax. Go into it as relaxed as possible. I know that it can be scary and uncomfortable taking a new class for the first time, but remember that it’s okay to not be perfect, it’s okay to fall in balance, and it’s always okay to take the options. Really and truly. Everyone starts somewhere.